Successful Sales Tips:

Tip 1 - Increase Curb Appeal

At a minimum, the lawn should be mowed with the front porch swept. Plant colorful annuals, trim trees and shrubs, and add landscape bark.

Tip 2 - Eliminate Clutter

Cluttered homes are not appealing to buyers. Keep counter cleared of items, pack away personal effects, and donate unused items to charity.

Tip 3 - Clean thoroughly

Homes that sell fast are sparkling clean. Hire professionals if necessary to wash windows, shampoo carpets, and neutralize any odors from pets, smoke or cooking.

Tip 4 - Let in Light

Dim rooms donít allow buyers to see what they are buying. Store unsightly screens away, keep shades and blinds open and the lights on to make each room feel light and bright. Avoid excessive or fussy window treatments.

Tip 5 - Neutralize and De-personalize

Personal collections, family photos and strongly colored walls need to be removed to allow the buyer to mentally move into a home.