Consultation: All initial consultations are free and include an assessment of the various needs of the property. If the home is occupied, existing furniture might be incorporated into the design plan. Unoccupied properties can be completely staged with furniture from Designed to Sell’s extensive inventory of fine furnishings.

Contract Services: After the initial consultation, Designed to Sell will provide a bid for the scope of services outlined in the consultation. Upon acceptance of the proposed bid, Designed to Sell will execute staging the home with the appropriate staff.

Furniture Rental: Designed to Sell carries a large inventory of furniture and accessories. Rental costs are included in the contract.

Furniture Moving: Homeowner’s furniture may need to be moved within the home or to the garage during the home staging process. Designed to Sell includes furniture moving within the home in the contract.

Painting, Landscaping, Remodeling, and Repairs: Homes may need additional work in addition to staging. Designed to Sell can work with other professionals to have the home ready to sell at the necessary time, but does not provide the services.